Welcome to Event Conex

Your Event Co-Pilot

A unique suite of tools that even event organizers didn’t know they needed.

Transform the way you plan and manage events with Event Conex, the ultimate tool designed to automate mundane tasks and keep all essential information at your fingertips. Acting as your event’s central nervous system, Event Conex seamlessly pushes and pulls information to/from wherever it needs to be, ensuring you stay organized and efficient.

It provides streamlined workflows for

Speaker Management

Taking care of your talent, from start to finish.

Content Development

Keeping content organized, from idea to execution.

Invite-Only Events

Easy RSVP tracking for private events.

Flight Management

Seeing who is where, when.

and helpful event admin tools.

Task Manager

Assign tasks and due dates to staff directly in platform.


Automatically send calendar invites to all session stakeholders.

Schedule Builder

Build out your agenda and link content to its scheduled time, date, and venue.


Quickly generate run-of-shows for your entire event.

built by producers,
for producers.

To minimize what could go wrong during a live event.


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